About Horizons Africa

Who we are?

Horizons Africa Online was established in 2019 by three Worcester-based entrepreneurs: Dudley Davids, Stefan Strydom and Sunel Blom. With many years in business and the IT industry, the three directors have a passion for all things technological and so it followed that they founded a signature online store for smart living and working. Be assured that our online store is dedicated to make your switch to IoT living and working seamless and hassle-free.

Hosting quality and exciting brands like Life Smart, Redragon, MSi, Xiaomi, Mecer, Brother, Asus, Acer and many more.

Life Smart allows you to connect devices or appliances to a common network that can be remotely controlled. For example, your home’s lights, audio speakers, Tvs, security cameras, locks and more can all be connected into one (1) system (in a connected home), which can be controlled remotely from your mobile phone or any other internet based devices. As technologies develop, so will we be able to make your life easier, enjoyable and more convenient. Watch this space, as we constantly strive to bring you the latest in technological advancement.

We also supply gaming equipment, office and home office devices and any accessories connected thereto and much much more.

Thank you for visiting our website and showing an interest in who we are.

Our value promise

Horizons Africa Online has sourced the most cutting-edge smart living and working products to provide you with an unbeatable online value offering. Not only are the products fashionable and stable, but they’re guaranteed to enhance your life with the latest AI and IoT technology. From security systems and lighting to pet monitoring and environment control, we have you covered!

Aside from creating a smart home, these devices also make fantastic gifts. So without further ado, check out our range of the best smart home products that you can buy and receive delivery within three days

Smart is the way to go

The emerging Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connecting machines and systems together via sensors and actuators, collecting and acting on meaningful information to enhance our productivity and efficiency. But the biggest appeal of this technology is having an environmentally cleaner, productive and better quality of life. So, waking up to smart living and working is indeed a brand new dawn.

We’re talking about IoT driving the proliferation of connected devices from around a billion-plus today to over 50 billion in the next decade. By doing so, IoT takes the meaning of inter-connectivity to a whole new level.

After years of just dreaming about it, you now can buy a wide variety of gadgets to control everything – from lights and room temperature to door locks and window shades — with the click of a mouse, a tap on a screen, or voice command.