About 1More

1MORE specializes in acoustic design and development to bring premium audio products at a reasonable price to customers worldwide. Born with a profound mission that music lovers regardless of their age. Occupations deserve to hear the music as the artists intend it to be heard, 1MORE has shipped over 38 million headphones in more than 28 countries. As a multiple awarded brand, 1MORE will keep striving to offer better sounding audio products through scrupulous engineering, streamlined manufacturing and authentic marketing.

As a professional audio brand, we put sound quality into our top consideration and spare no effort to ensure that all our innovations would truly benefit our customers for unparalleled listening experiences.

Active Noise Cancellation

1MORE earphones built with ANC microphones effectively suppress ambient noises enabling you to focus on what really matters while stay away of surrounding environment. Through proprietary low power chip technology, our headphones receive and analyze external noise precisely then produce opposing sound waves to cancel out unwanted sounds.

Patented Balanced Armature Driver

Without getting obscure, balanced armature drivers use an electronic signal to vibrate a tiny foil that is balanced between two magnets inside a tiny enclosure. The motion of the foil is transferred to a very stiff diaphragm free of extra air vibration resonance. 1MORE delves deeper into that and integrates its patented balanced armature into earphones to achieve a truly natural and authentic sound.

Patented Titanium Composite Diaphragm

Diaphragm is a transducer intended to inter-convert mechanical vibrations to sounds, or vice versa. Combing titanium with PET, 1MORE patented titanium composite diaphragm produces stunningly clear sound for abundant details with the titanium layer handling treble, while the dual PET layers producing deep punchy bass. From the singer’s breath to the shimmer of a cymbal, you’ll be surprised by the nuances you never noticed before.

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