About Lifesmart

LifeSmart believes that every single home will become a smart home, every single office will become a smart office. But with this in mind they have dedicated all their efforts in the development of AI, cloud service, product design and development. And they have the most reliable and fashionable product line in the AI industry. And by continuing to improve on the user experience they create value for all their customers on a global basis.


LifeSmart is the 1st smart home brand available online in China. Beyond that, they serve a large customer base including but not limited to Green Town China, Country Garden, Future Land etc. By adding their products into the real estate industry as a standard installation.

They have also engaged in collaborative projects with Alibaba, Baidu, Samsung and SONY, signing agreements with utility companies in the Nordic countries in order to solve the growing energy issue in Europe. But LifeSmart serves nearly 1 million customers in over 30 countries, creating value for everyday life.

Company History

LifeSmart is established in Hangzhou at the end of 2013, offering a complete smart home solution. In the same year, they develop the CoSS protocol platform and build up branch offices in the USA, HK and Shenzhen.

2014 launch the 1st generation of smart home system. Capture the high-end market, and become a leader in the smart home market in China.

2015: Enter the USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Singapore and Malaysian international market. Work with Vanke and China Jinmao on a long strategy relationship. Develop the smart meeting room system with Alibaba Group.

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