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Red LK Optical Switch with Holder Set 12Pcs/Set


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Customize or replace existing optical switches on your Keychron K4 or K6 keyboards with the Keychron LK Optical switches Set. It features 12 Keychron LK Optical Red switches as well as a holder and is designed for hot-swappable Keychron K4 and K6 optical only keyboards.


Out of stock

The Keychron LK Optical switches are renowned with its smooth and tactile typing experience. They are fully compatible with our K4 and K6 Wireless Keyboard Optical switch versions. LK Optical switches offer better speed, responsiveness and longevity as well. They even come in the traditional 3 colour ranges, Red, Blue and Brown to suit your various needs. The LK Optical Red switches feature a more quiet sound level and linear response with each keystroke, making them ideal for the office or gaming.

Keychron LK switches have a horizontal infrared light beam shooting across the inside of the switch shaft. The stem of the switch blocks the light beam, but when you press a key, you push down the stem, allowing the light to make a connection across the shaft and actuate the command. The LK switches also actuate at round 1.5mm, as opposed to the 2.0-2.3mm actuation of most standard mechanical switches, giving you better feedback and responsiveness when pressing a key.


  • Keychron LK Red Switch Set
  • 12 Piece Set with holder
  • Linear behavior and Quiet sound level
  • Suitable for Office or Gaming
  • Compatible with Keychron K4 and K6 Keyboards


  • Type: Keychron LK Optical Switch
  • Colour: Red
  • Number of Switches: 12
  • Actuation Force: 40±10gf
  • Pre-travel: 1.8 ±0.5mm
  • Travel Distance: 4 ±0.5mm
  • Behavior: Linear
  • Sound Level: Quiet


  • Keychron LK Optical Switch 12 Pcs Set with holder – Red x1
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