Stock Return

  • Please complete a Stock Return Application (Each return must be linked to a specific invoice number).
  • Our technician will validate that the products on the form correspond to the referenced invoice number.
  • Our technician is only allowed to send a RMA for items less than 14days after invoice date. If the invoice date is older than 14 days it must be approved by the head of technical.
  • The RMA is entered and mailed to you.
  • No stock for RMA process will be collected in ANY manner. Should you wish to return sealed / unused stock back to Horizons you will be liable for the cost of shipping back to us unless Horizons is at fault.
  • See our return policy for futher information
  • Horizons will only accept items that were listed on the corresponding RMA.
  • Our technician will validate that the stock is in accordance with the RMA / Invoice and that the goods are in the condition specified above. We will not accept any damaged items back.
  • If the stock is not in accordance with our RMA policy the technician will advise you that we cannot accept the stock back.
  • If stock condition is validated, RMA credit note is passed and sent to you.

Customer Information

Your Name (or Company Name)* Contact Person* Your Email*
Telephone* Address Line 1* Address Line 2
City* Province* Postal Code*
Original Invoice Number* Original Order Number* Reason for return*

Product for return

Item Code* Description* Quantity* Packaging Condition*